Living in Griffith is convenient.

There’s no traffic, loads of effortless, free parking and everywhere you need to go in your daily life is within an easy 10 minutes drive.

Coupled with a flourishing foodie scene, an array of recreational options and exciting local events all year round, Griffith really offers a great way of life.

Food and Wine

With so much produce grown in and around Griffith, it’s not surprising that food and wine takes centre stage.

From casual pubs to fine dining restaurants, you’ll experience an authentic paddock to plate journey. Our vibrant café culture is a nod to the city’s deep Italian heritage, and our local wineries serve up some of Australia’s top drops.

And if you’re handy in the kitchen, you’ll love the weekly Farmers Market where you can pick-up produce harvested that morning.


With true work / life balance comes the opportunity for leisure and the time to do something for yourself.

Fortunately, Griffith has options to suit everyone in the family with fun parks and beautiful gardens, kilometres of cycle pathways and gyms for working out. We’re known for our love of sports, and there’s a sporting group for everything from cycling and jogging, to basketball, hockey and sailing.

If you preference is a more relaxed style of recreation, there are plenty of more tranquil pursuits to enjoy too.

Arts and Culture

If you love the arts, you’ll enjoy discovering Griffith’s cultural options.

Griffith’s state-of-the-art Regional Theatre is one of New South Wales’ premier performing arts venues and hosts performances year-round, while the Regional Art Gallery presents touring and local exhibitions in its beautiful space.

If music is more your thing, there are live music options in pubs, halls and other venues across town. All of this plus cinemas and museums too.


The range of retail options in Griffith will keep even the keenest shopaholics busy.

Our beautiful, tree-lined main street offers gorgeous boutique shopping with a range of locally owned stores stocking well-known brands and more bespoke products. Many of Australia’s large retailers also have outlets in Griffith, and our two shopping malls and six supermarkets will take care of the basics too.

Events and Festivals

Griffith is a festive city with much to celebrate. The calendar is dotted with events and festivals that showcase the cultural richness and local produce for which the region is famous.

With big annual events like the family-friendly Griffith Easter Party, delicious Festa Della Salsicce (Festival of the Sausage) and the gorgeous Griffith Spring Fest, there are plenty of reasons for your family and friends to come visit.

Add in the other smaller events all year round and your calendar will be full.

Special Interest and Community

There are plenty of options to meet people by joining special interest clubs and getting involved with community groups.

Whether your interests lie in food and wine, the arts or sport, there’s sure to be a club in Griffith for you. You’ll also be warmly welcomed at any one of the city’s volunteer service clubs that do great work in the community, or join one of the professional groups to expand your network.

There are plenty of options for our younger residents too, from babies and pre-schoolers right through to teens and young adults.

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Griffith Now Hiring is an initiative of: