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Qualified Fitter and Machinist Full-Time

Flow Smart

Flow Smart

Qualified Fitter and Machinist

Flow Smart are seeking additional team members to help our crew keep the world pumping.
We are excited to offer you a position on our team as a Fitter and Machinist to help build the world�s greatest pumping equipment all made right here in Griffith NSW.
Together we hand craft our custom equipment so that it fits just right and meets the requirements or our global clients.
We need you to have a keen eye and understand how to measure quality, so our equipment performs.
If you are keen to work in a high-performance team and would like to help build big things you need to get pumped up and give us a call.

About Flow Smart

Covering a considerably portion of Australia we travel down superhighways, dusty backroads and beaten tracks to meet our clients. When we arrive, we say g'day, chat on the weather and the crops, establish the problem to be solved and get to solving it so our clients can progress their journeys. We love helping solve problems for our clients We know that it allows them to get better at their operations, improving efficient use of water, their own quality of life and those around them and their productive output. That's an excellent outcome and one we are super proud of. We help Australian farmers grow, potatoes, corn, wheat, barley, lucerne, cotton, rice, salt, buffalo grass, kikuyu grass, grapes, oranges, lemons, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, peas, mung beans, canola, chickpeas, and sorghum. That's a lot of food and fibre. We are a family-owned company helping families and family-owned companies to do their thing. We have a great team of people doing fantastic things together each day. If undertaking a diverse range of activities in a diverse range of locations helping great people sounds exciting to you then next time you see a position open with Flow Smart be sure to put your hat in the ring. We would really like to meet you and hear how you would like to travel with us.


  • Job Title: Qualified Fitter and Machinist
  • Employer: Flow Smart
  • Job Type: Full-Time
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